Waxxo Double Wax Refill Heater

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The Waxoo Double Wax Refill Heater is probably the only powerful heater in the market that is capable of melting different Rica wax variants to the desired consistencies. Most importantly, the carrying capacity of the same is somewhere around the 800ml mark. In addition to that, a roll-on is added into the mix which supports the easier and extremely smooth applications. This is purely a refill wax heater that flaunts a protective coating in order to protect the same from dust and external agents. Lastly, the temperature controller is extremely potent which makes it possible to achieve desired consistencies.

Benefits of Using Waxxo Double Wax Refill Heater

  • Comes with exceptional temperature control
  • Offers a seamless wax heating experience
  • Makes room for the perfect wax consistency
  • Most competitive wax heater price on display


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