VLCC Pedicure and Manicure Kit


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  • VLCC Natural Science Hand and Foot Care Kit.
  • Nature’s Essence, has come up with the ideal products that would suit you like nothing else
  • The beauty products from the company are a perfect blending of the goodness of ayurved and aromatherapy, which are purely natural ingredient.
  • The entire kit comes in a very attractive package and consists of lemon hand and foot cleanser, walnut scrub, bridal hand cream and bridal foot cream.


Package Contents
  1. Cocoa Butter Hand & Foot Cream
  2. Orange Anti Tan Pack
  3. Pediglow Hand & Foot Scrub
  4. Pediglow Hand & Foot Cleanser
  5. Cuticle Oil

Product description

It prevents nail diseases and disorders VLCC Myrrh cuticle oil – It cleanses, exfoliates dull layers of dead skin on hands and feet. It smoothens, retextures and softens the skin on hands. It makes the skin soft and protects it from regular damages. It helps in giving the perfect glow and to reduce the sun damage on your skin.


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