Shahnaz Husain Diamond Plus Facial Kit (Mini), 40g.+15 ml.


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Shahnaz Husain’s 24 CARAT GOLD Mini Kit comprises of products for an entire skin care routine. They contain combinations of plant extracts known for their beauty enhancing properties.

  • This nourishing cream is the ultimate in skin nourishment and the formulation is specially enhanced by advanced techniques.
  • Ash of Diamond has been reinforced with organic extracts of vetiver, date, shea butter, tomato, olive oil and Vitamin-E.
  • It nourishes and rejuvenates the skin powerfully.
  • It helps to strengthen the supportive tissues, improving skin elasticity and making the skin firm and supple. Leaves the skin clear, radiant and youthful.

Product description

The Diamond Skin Revival Kit is a powerful age-control formula for timeless beauty. Comprising of Diamond Plus Scrub, Diamond Plus Nourishing Cream, Diamond Plus Mask and Diamond Plus Re-hydrant Lotion, it purifies the skin. This Diamond Skin Revival Kit regenerates new skin cells and enhances skin beauty. The Diamond Kit ensures a healthy radiant skin.


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