SARA SOUL OF BEAUTY Oxy Bleach Cream (300 gm.)


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  • SARA SOUL OF BEAUTY Oxy Bleach Cream (300 gm.)
  • This bleach is appropriate for soothing and calming of the skin, as it is rich in herbs and flower extract that helps in calming & lightening of the skin
  • HOW TO USE: First apply pre bleach cream, Now mix 2 spatula bleach cream with 2 pinch of powder activator, After mixing apply on desired area for 10-15 minutes, Avoid application around eyes or eyebrows.
Evens Skin Tone

The gentle formula corrects the uneven skin tone.

Product description

A Professional Use Product, Capable for Pre-Lightening the hair and making skin go fairer with its bleaching action while keeping skin’s natural moisture balance as well as providing radiance to your face.




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