Rica Green Apple Liposoluble Wax 800ml

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For someone looking to buy hair wax online, there are quite a few pointers that need to be looked at. Firstly, the scent has to be fantastic in order to facilitate regular usage. Secondly, the wax needs to feature a quick-dry formula and should certainly be free of harmful compounds, thereby validating prolonged periods of usage. This is why Rica Green Apple Wax is a great choice as it leaves a lasting and aromatic impression on the skin surface without causing any sort of pain. Moreover, the hair removal process is quite seamless and this wax is the perfect choice for sensitive skin surfaces.

Benefits of Using Rica Green Apple Wax

  • Brings for an undeniable fragrance
  • Offers a crisp and long-lasting scent that’s second to none
  • Renders smoothness to the skin surface while aiding in suppleness
  • Perfect choice for the sensitive skin


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