Rica After Wax Lotion 250ml


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The Rica Aloe Vera after Wax Lotion is a great product that validates the purchase of hairbrush online and offline, which can be used during or after the waxing process is over. While this lotion is priced extremely nominally, what stands out is the quickest possible absorption property. Most importantly, the calming influence of this lotion is perfectly complemented by the moisturizing properties. Last but not least, the Rica Aloe Vera after Wax Lotion de-stresses the skin and even plays a major role in removing the residual body wax after the application process is over. Once applied, it becomes easier to use the hair comb with minimal skin irritations.

Benefits of Using Rica Aloe Vera After Wax Lotion

  • Boasts of calming properties
  • Includes anti-inflammatory qualities as well
  • De-stresses the skin condition after a demanding waxing session


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