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  • Re-energises the skin by removing signs of environmental damages through deep cleaning by opening up the pores.
  • Applicable for Face & Body.
  • Applicable for Face & Body.
  • Used For Deep Cleansing & Tan Removal.
  • Recommended For All Skin Types.

Product description-:

Ozone D tan cream is an amazing skin cleanser that deeply purifies your skin and eradicates tanning from the root. It is also infused with a skin lightening formula that leaves your skin with an improved complexion. It helps in restoring your natural beauty by rejuvenating the skin. Staying out in sun for even a few minutes can cause damage to the skin and make it tanned. You need to undo the effects of the sun and other pollutants that our skin has to deal with. Ozone Herbals D Tan facial Cleanser helps to remove tanning from your face and body making it brighter and lighter. This D tan removal pack is completely a herbal product and is suitable for all skin types. Activated with natural ingredients, Ozone D-Tan pack is not just effective in removing tan but also preventing it. Use once a week to get brighter and tan free skin.


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