Mystique Chandan Face Pack 400gm. (All Skin Type)


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Product description

  • Keeps skin protected from harsh weather
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Scientifically made skin whitening treatment that also reduces skin blemishes and removes skin pigmentation marks.

    Skin problems like breakouts, pimples, dark spots, and dark circles are quite common these days given our hectic lives and the ever-growing pollution. The basic rules to keep these problems at bay include – getting good 8 to 9 hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water and include healthy foods in your daily diet. However, these may not be enough and sometimes you may have to resort to some external solutions. What if we told you that a simple and natural ingredient can help you get rid of all your beauty woes? Chandan is prized in Ayurveda as an excellent beauty ingredient that is natural, reliable and effective. It is usually available as a brown-beige looking smooth powder which is derived from the fragrant wood of the Genus Santalum tree. Sandalwood essential oil is also good for treating various skin ailments. Sandalwood has a wide range of medicinal properties and therefore, it is often used as a home remedy for many skin conditions.


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