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KINGDOM KD-2336 is the new type of face steamer
It can be steamed roses, lavender, chrysanthemum, oil, milk, lemon, cucumber, etc., and a variety of fruits. To tender on steamed milk, steamed lemon want to whiten, want to supplement water steamed cucumber, Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of a cold. Enjoy your top SPA at home!
Spray type: Hot, furit, vegetables, aroma, oil spray
Heat fog effects
Heat fog decontamination, Whitening, pale spot
Steam penetrate makes the epidermal cells swell to be softened, easy to remove aging skin cells, making skin smooth and delicate. Skin elasticity and luster is determined by the content of collagen and hydrophilic factors, can promote skin collagen regeneration, skin moisturizing activate hydrophilic factor, more delicate skin smooth, white and transparent.
Effects with herbs and essential oils
Herbal treatment for problem skin, essential oils relaxation decompression
Herbal    functions required heat mist spray, may use different herbs for different skin package selection. Acne, dark spots and other skin problems, the use of Chinese herbal fumigation way to make it easier for the skin to absorb, efficacy significantly. Aromatherapy function required cold mist sprayer natural essential oils atomized, together with the mist slowly discharged, delicate soft cool mist in the air, you can relax under reduced pressure, the regulation of mood, so as to achieve the purpose of skin health .
Usage time
Oily skin, each about 5-10 minutes; dry skin, each about 10-15 minutes; neutral skin is somewhere in between.



Small size, big connotation ~ super mist spray. You can enjoy the spray when masking, the heat spary makes the mask nutrients to better penetrate the skin, to achieve the best skin effect Oh!

Blowing air conditioning for a long time, it can also be placed in the office desk, enhance air humidity, keep skin tender and juicy not dry!



1.  Deep moisturizing

Skin deep moisturizing, nanoscale particles mist more easy absorbing
2. Skin caring
Heat caring open the pores, Obvious synergies to face mask or skin cream
3. Customize
Fruits and vegetables, milk, oil, honey up to 50 kinds of treatment programs, can be customized beauty according to your skin


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