KERATOUCH Keratin Revolution Purifying Shampoo 250 ml.


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Enjoy a clean sweep for oily or dirty hair and scalp, with Keratin Purifying Shampoo. This deeply purifying shampoo has an aqua crystal formulation based on pure water incorporating ingredients like Citramine and Vitamin E along with anti-hard water agents. The formula lifts residue and product build-up and rinses away hard-water residues. The Keratin Purifying Shampoo leaves the scalp feeling clean, the hair feeling nourished and protected.



  • Cleans hair of any product build-up and restores radiance
  • Thoroughly cleanses the scalp of impurities
  • Help get rid of any excess natural oils
  • Deeply nourishes and protects the scalp
  • Delivers long-lasting shine and manageability
  • Gentle enough to be used daily
  • Suits for normal to oily hair types
  • 250ml


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