HAMZA Finger Double Speed Handy Massager


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  • Electronic Handheld massager
  • Can be used for body massage also
  • For facial massage

Product Highlights

    • :

        1. Designed with powerful floating action to provide a positive head massage
        2. Its special contoured design reduces hand fatigue
        3. Its universal motor is constructed for heavy-duty use
        4. Two-speed mode selector allows deep muscle penetration for dense muscle groups
        5. Non-slip spring handle for easy & safe handling
        6. Provides soothing, relaxing movement through your finger tips
        7. Soothes nerves, relaxes musles and eases pain or tension
        8. Great for general body as well as scalp use
        9. Shock proof

How to attach to hand?

    • 1. With palm of hand down,insert all four fingers into the rear spring strap or Either hand can be used
    • 2. Insert the two middle fingers only into the front spring strap
    • 3. Push machine back on hand so that the front small rubber pad transmits the vibration to these fingers
  •  How to Use?
    • – After the machine has been adjust to hand as described before , push on switch and stat massaging by applying the two middle fingers to the palm of the body which is to be massaged
    • – Applications should be firm, but not too harsh, enough pressure should be applied to thoroughly exercise the skin and muscled and stimulate blood circulation

– When massaging scalp or body, curve fingers of hand slightly. holding machine downward and using cushion tips of fingers as applicators, when massaging face, hold the fingers straight and lightly pat the skin with tips of the two vibrating


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