Estilo Aloe Vera Liposoluble Wax 800 ml.

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Product Description :-

With the endorsement of our experienced professionals.

Estilo aloe vera wax gives you smooth and satin-soft skin. It gives excellent results and leaves the skin non-allergic and suitable for first time users and for sensitive skins.

Estilo Liposoluble Aloe Vera Wax  gives your skin nourishing and moisturizing, Its soothing smell and vitamins keeps your skin glowing and pull on unwanted hair.

This type of wax is the most modern product for stripping away unwanted hair. Our formulas are the fruit of in-depth, innovative research aimed at that little something extra it gives nourishes and moisturizes the skin after depilation and provides a wax with superior gripping strength that is gentle to the skin.

These formulas maintain the non-allergic characteristics, the delicateness and the respect for the skin. And yet, the addition of titanium dioxide makes these products creamy, guaranteeing a velvety stripping away of unwanted hair. Another high quality, functional characteristic of these waxes is that they contain zinc oxide, highly appreciated for its calming of the skin, preventing reddening.


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