Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Face Wash (Oily/Combination/Acne Skin) 100ml



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A deep cleansing facial wash designed to remove dirt, excess oils and helps to eliminate skin impurities. Formulated with Tea Tree, it is renowned for its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. This face wash is effective in keeping skin clear, healthy and fresh.

Cedarwood Oil : Combats oily skin. Its astringent action is great for acne. Emotionally, can calm anxiety.

Tea Tree : Anti-viral and anti-fungal, reduces the production and sebum in the sebaceous glands and thus decreases bacteria.

Key-ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile Oil, Cedarwood Oil.

Directions for use : Apply on moist face and massage in circular motion. Rinse off.

Safety advise : Kindly do a skin patch test for sensitive skin. Store in a cool, dry place.



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