Aroma Treasures Electric Diffuser Oil Vibgyor Kit 7 Bottles


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  • Made from 100 percent Pure Essential Oils
  • 7 Revitalizing Oils for each day
  • Aromatherapy is caring hands on therapy, which seeks to induce relaxation, increases energy and reduces the effects of stress while restoring balance of Mind Body Soul
  • Your VIBGYOR Diffuser Oil kit comprises of 7 different diffuser oils, which is sure to arouse aromatic magic for your well being
  • Enjoy the benefits of invigorating oils each day of the week, and fill your surroundings with the pleasant fragrances of aromatherapy
  • It can be used as a healing tool, room freshener and deodorizer or an incense alternative



  • Monday Mystique: clears, awakens and stimulates the mind
  • Oil of Basil, Bergamot, Mandarin
  • Tuesday Tranquil:  Relaxes the nervous system, oils of Lavender, Ylang, Chamomile .
  • Wednesday Warmth:  Stimulates energy of mind and body, oils of Junier, Rosemary, Tea Tree .
  • Thursday Trance:  Ideal for centering and meditation, oils of Cedar Wood, Cypress, Patchouli .
  • Friday Fervour:  Emotionally refreshing, Oils of Lemon Grass, Pepper, Marjoram .
  • Saturday Spark:  Accentuates the sense of euphoria, Oils of Palmarosa, Geranium, Rose .
  • Sunday Spice:  Sensuous and arousing, sure to kindle flames, Oil of Petit grain, Neroli, Clary Sage  .


Aroma Treasures firmly believes that to sustain a consistent growth rate, it is imperative to improve and innovate products regularly. To achieve this, the company has formed a well organized R and D department led by a team of dedicated professionals which is the crest of ancient Indian knowledge and advanced international expertise. The team lays special emphasis on the careful selection of each and every ingredient and aroma oils to ensure 100 percent results. Moreover, the scientific process and production techniques help to preserve the integrity of ingredients used in all products. Today Aroma Treasures has a wide range of Aromatherapy products in the categories of essential oils, vegetable oils, and ready to use 100 percent natural oil based products, natural shampoos, skin care, spa range, vaporizers, and room freshening blends.


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